Lydia Patterson Institute strongly believes the athletic program is an integral part of the total spiritual and educational process.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our students find their strengths and weaknesses through spiritual and physical means; help our students discover their gifts and God given talents through a different array of competitive and friendly activities, and help our students to develop spiritually, physically, morally, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.


  • Our focus is to help our students connect and depend on God for their personal goals and to promote brotherhood/sisterhood by means of a Christian based education.
  • Provide athletic programs of great interest to our students and to expose them to the concepts of fair competition, responsibility, and commitment.
  • Teach our students athletic skills, good sportsmanship, instill good character and sound values.
  • To produce athletes that will be productive, constructive, and great contributors to our society.
  • To develop a coaching staff that is firm, caring and loving to our athletes, who will be accountable, committed, trustworthy, respectful, great promoters of teamwork, and above all teach integrity.
  • Always striving for excellence, to produce fun loving, exciting, and over the edge competitive teams.